Our Motto: “We plan & design a product OR offer a service with an intention of saving in your Life Cycle Cost of Energy. ”

Explore Energy Cost saving with a Cost Accountant.

We are an SME approved under Start Up India program. We are engaged in reducing your energy costs by integrating what is :

Desirable from Human point of view

Technologically feasible

Economically viable.

This is accomplished by Energy Management system including Energy Audit, Standard & Customized LED lighting & Solar Solutions (Thermal & PV). Kratu Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , established in 2014 at Mumbai, is a brain child of Mr. Sadanand Sahasrabudhe.

Mr. Sahasrabudhe has a diverse educational background of an Engineer, CMA (ICWA), CFA (Hyd) & CTM (Hyd) with vast experience in Techno Commercial activities. He has worked in various Techno-commercial positions for over 30 years in various reputed listed & unlisted Companies like Bombay Dyeing | Grindwell Norton | Blue Star | Reliance | De Beers - joint venture Worked as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) from 2003-2013.


We will provide an option to power the user with more sustainable sources of energy.


We will strive to reduce carbon footprint by progressively reducing reliance on polluting sources of energy generation.

Saving oriented

The capital goods investment has additional costs like running costs as well as maintenance & upkeep cost.Our objective is to minimize a subtotal of these costs over the life or warranty of the project.The wattage / rate reduction can be estimated at the outset BUT the cost of replacement spares & the downtime can only be estimated from past experience.We seek to minimize this sum total of costs by using our products on demand side & supply side


A WOW factor is generated in the mind of a customer when we exceed our commitment by a mile. This deepens the trust.In the past, our solutions have exceeded their long term warranty periods by a margin of 1.4 - 3.0 times the warranty commitment.Our clients have stated their experiences in their testimonials about the benefit they received.

Hitting the sweet spot

The products/services delivered on the Least Life Cycle Cost aka Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) results in hitting the sweet spot for everybody, us & the Customers.It helps us by reducing the warranty period costs & it satisfies the customer by a reduced maintenance downtime.We strive to achieve an optimum balance while offering the solutions by taking into account the demand & supply sides.

Tailor-made solutions

One size does not fit all.The ready-made solutions may or may not meet all your requirement.Knowing thus, our customized solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirement keeping in mind your operational requirements & actual working conditions.


Since we comprehensively focus on demand & supply sides of the energy cost, a close observation is required to find the areas where a saving can be realized.Being observant is our second nature.


Our team’s diverse background in engineering, finance etc results in giving you a solution that is both, financially prudent as well as engineering-wise near optimum.