A Prestigious Society in Mumbai

The current work done is for a society in mumbai. The Yellow light on the extreme left is before we did the retrofitting work & the while light is after the retrofitting work is completed by us.

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A Toll Plaza

A toll plaza illuminated using Kratu high Lumen lights providing a LUX level in excess of 250 from an operating height of 12 mts.

Special Aquarium LED Lighting

The aquarium lights need a special attention to achieve a balance of adequate lighting, support for plant growth & enhancing visibility. Our lights achieve all of these.

Solar Thermal Solutions

The sun provides us with the light & the heat. In this initiative, we seek to harness the heat component of the sun to save your costs & environment.

Energy Audits

Energy conservation is the order of the day keeping in mind both, energy cost as well as the environmental impact.We help you in your journey towards equilibrium.

Solar PV System

This is an image of the rooftop solar PV system that we had installed for a residential society in Thane, Maharashtra.

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