Established ones tend to forget their first Break.

In 2015, we were in talks with a Pune-based 1st generation reputed Real Estate Company for a customized lighting proposal.

Our customized lighting solution provided 40% higher light output when compared to the Solution given by a branded LED lighting Company.

The readings were as reported by their staff.

Initially, the DGM Procurement felt that the readings are wrong or exchanged with that of the branded fixture. He called for a retrial.

He was present to review the trial since our name had come from a good reference.

Late in the evening, the trial took place in his presence.

Same results.

After one week, we understood that we had lost the order to the branded Company at the rate that we had quoted.

Feeling dejected, we inquired why?

We were told that the Branded Company is big, gives best products & there is no guarantee that we would survive at the end of 5 years.

I had to remind him about a few things:

  1. Somebody gave him a chance when he got his first employment,

  2. Somebody gave their Company a chance when they were not a brand,

  3. Forget us, even Bear Sterns, Enron, World Com, our own Satyam had wound up in less than one month. So, a Titanic is no guarantee of survival.

Fortunately, we managed to survive till now.

My questions:1. How do we so easily forget our beginning once we succeed?2. When does a transformation into a snob start?