I am a bit convinced by the Aryan methodology of worshipping.

What did they use to worship?

Energies, natural forces, natural phenomenon, and natural resources!

They worshipped the sun, the moon, fire, earth, rain, trees, and other natural resources.

How logical!

We may or may not have seen God in other existing forms, but definitely, we have seen God in these forms.

When these natural forces/energies are in a mild form, they are beneficial. When they get extreme, they are devastating.

For example, we use fire for heating and cooking. The same fire can burn houses and forests when out of control.

Rain is good, as it supplies water for irrigation, replenishes the underground water sources and other surface water bodies. When it gets extreme, it can cause tremendous damage to lives and properties.

The Aryan system gives much importance to nature and the natural forces. The system teaches us the depth connection of humans with nature, which we all are forgetting these days.

You can tell it was their ignorance or unawareness of natural processes being the reason behind their fear of these phenomena. True, but at least due to this fear, they never tried to destroy nature to this extent that it becomes devastating for themselves.

Today, we are fully aware of natural processes. Even though we know how devastating it can be to play with nature, we are not stopping.

We are still cutting down trees in the name of development and urbanization, polluting air and water bodies, killing wild animals for selfish deeds.

Is this our ignorance or arrogance?

Heatwaves, floods, an increase in the frequency of lightning strikes, and hurricanes. What are they all indicating? They tend to say aloud that we are doing things that are not good for the environment.

It's high time we need to think about this. If not so, we might not be there to think about this tomorrow.

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